Where Can I Find the Best Cookie Plug Locations?

I will be honest with the readers: as a weed consumer, I am sometimes up for something different. I have never been a fan of the fact of smoking itself, so when the recreational use of cannabis was approved in California in 2016 and edibles became easily accessible, that was really good news for me. If you are like me, you will definitely find this article useful: We will tell you every cookie plug location in which you will be able to find our tasty cookies. Read on and find out!

Our Different Cookie Plug Flavors

As you may have seen in our home page, our cookies come in packages of three, with as much as 100 mg of THC per package. That is over 30 mg of THC on each cookie. We do recommend you, because of that, to be responsible when you consume them. You must also have noticed the size of them, with our model barely being able to hold three cookies on one hand.

There are six different flavors you can choose from. Our classic OG, the best chocolate chip cookie on the market. The Crunch Nugget, golden because of the peanut butter on it, hence the name. The purple haze, with white chocolate and chips. The Pixie junkie, topped with sprinkles. The BamBam, full of Fruity pebbles cereal and finally the XTC (say it out loud) with triple chocolate chips. If your mouth is (like mine) already watering, you might be wondering by now where you can get our product. Find out the cookie plug locations up next!

All of our Cookie Plug Locations

At the moment of writing this article, there are over 30 places in California on which you can get our cookies.

In the High Desert, you can find them in the Jet Room in Adelanto.

If you are close to the Inland Empire, there are eight different dispensaries: Plant Galaxy, Green Chamber, Planet Buds, R2H, Angel Organics, Budology, Blazed Utopia and Green America.

At Palm Springs, you have the Ikanik Farms, Cookies, Off the Charts, Emerald Springs, Reefer Madness, IVTHC and Stinky Leaf.

In Los Angeles, you can get them at the Herbarium, LA Wonderland, the Jet Room LA, Dr Green Thumb, HCMA and the Cannasseurs Club.

Finally, the last of our cookie plug locations are in San Diego, particularly in Hello Cannabis, Grasshopper, Lit La Mesa, Off the Charts, Ramona Cannabis Co., Coastal Wellness, Hillside Holistics and MexCal Factory.

If you don’t want to miss the chance of getting them, you can sign up to our site to find out when the next drop is coming. Be on it before the timer hits zero. They don’t stay stocked for long.

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