What to Look For in Edibles in Palm Springs

There’s a diverse selection of edibles in Palm Springs. You’ll come across cookies, brownies, gummies, beverages, and more. You might enjoy flavors like chocolate chip, sour cherry, or Coca-Cola. But one thing is for sure: several options make it difficult to select the very best products. Here’s what to look for the next time you’re shopping for cannabis-infused edibles.

Check the Dosage

It’s important to check the dosage before purchasing an edible marijuana product. Edibles typically provide a much more intense high than inhalation or vaping. The effects might come on slowly and last longer. That’s why it’s crucial to check the dosage ranges and choose products that match your tolerance level.

You might want to select products with 2.5 to 5 mg of THC if you’re a novice. Even a single 10 mg serving of THC is enough to significantly impact your ability to drive, perform tasks, and alter your perception. Remember: less is more, and you can always add on but can’t take away.

Inspect the Ingredients

Inspecting the ingredients is essential to finding the best edibles. You’ll want to purchase products that suit your needs and preferences. Maybe you have specific dietary restrictions or allergies. Or maybe you’re looking for all-natural ingredients and preservative-free edibles like ours at The Cookie Plug. Either way, it’s vital to inspect the ingredients to ensure you know what you’re putting in your body. 

Check the Extraction Method

You should also inspect the extraction method when purchasing cannabis-infused edibles. There are multiple extraction methods to select from, including oils, butter, distillate, and more. You might have had an edible that used a certain method that didn’t hit the mark. Or maybe you really enjoy edibles with all-natural butter like ours at The Cookie Plug.

Either way, inspecting the extraction method can give you a better idea of how the edible will taste and affect you. 

Find Flavors You Like

Cannabis edibles can be off-putting at times. Sometimes the flavors don’t quite match up with their descriptions. You’ll come across promising packages that have weird after tastes that leave you unsatisfied. But not with The Cookie Plug edibles! You’ll find flavors you enjoy when you shop for our products.

We carry several recipes for any taste, including Chocolate OG, Peanut Butter Crunch Nugget, Purple Haze, Pixie, Bam Bam, and XTC. You’ll taste the full flavor chocolate chips, peanut butter, and other all-natural ingredients when you eat one of our treats. You can sleep easy knowing you’re eating everything you want and nothing you don’t. Our motto is simple, “Other Cookies Are Wack, Ours Smack.” 

Check Out Our Edibles in Palm Springs Today!

You’re sure to enjoy The Cookie Plug Edibles whether you’ve never tried one or your veteran pothead! We use all-natural ingredients, real butter, and zero preservatives to craft the perfect treat that gets you high. You can select from flavors like Purple Haze or Crunch Nugget, with each package containing 100mg of THC.

We’ve stocked stores across California in locations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, and more. Just head over to our Locations page to find a dispensary in your area that carries the best edibles on the market!

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