What are the Cookie Plugs?

Are you a weed enthusiast who likes to try cannabis-based products in all of their shapes and tastes? Have you been wondering how it feels like to ingest pot instead of smoking it? Or maybe are you just looking for a new experience? If your answer to any of those questions is yes, you have finally found what you are looking for: the cookie plug edibles. Our THC-infused cookies can be found in many different locations across California state. Read on and let us tell you a little bit more about them.

The Cookie Plug Edibles Flavors

Like we were saying, our cookie plugs edibles are sold in many different places throughout California. We have six different types of cookies: OG, crunch nugget, purple haze, pixie, BamBam and XTC. They all have 33 MG of THC per cookie and come in packages of three. All of them are made with real butter, but let us tell you a little bit more about each flavor.

OG or “Original Gangster” are the classic chocolate chips.

Crunch nugget is a chocolate and peanut butter cookie.

Purple haze has red velvet with white chocolate chips.

Pixie junkie is a sugar cookie.

BamBam is a fruity cereal cookie. 

And finally XTC is a triple chocolate cookie. They all come with their component of THC.

As you can see, we name our cookies for the effects they have (ecstasy for example) rather than the flavor of them.

Where to Find our Cookies

As we said at the beginning, all of the cookie plug edibles are accessible for you in different areas throughout California. However, let us be a bit more specific about that. In the High Desert, our products can be found at the Jet Room in Adelanto. In the Inland Empire you have a few options: the Plant Galaxy, the Green Chamber, Planet Buds, R2H, Angel Organics, Budology, Blazed Utopia and Green America.

Moving on, in Palm Springs you will get us at the Ikanik Farms, Cookies, Off the Charts, Emerald Springs, Reefer Madness, IVTHC and Stinky Leaf.

You can also check where to get our cookies in Los Angeles and San Diego in our locations tab.

The Cookie Plug Edibles

We can’t say that our cookies are the best, as it would be unethical. Actually, who would say that the product they sell is not the best? What we can say, and what we think it speaks by itself is the following: There is a reason our cookie plugs can be found in at least 30 dispensaries all over California.

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