Want Your Own Cookie Plug Franchise? Here’s How to Get Started

Cookie Plug Franchise

It can indeed be enticing to own a Cookie Plug franchise. Think about it: you get a supply of treats while also making a living as a provider of delectable edible experiences for herb-lovers around town. What’s not to love? 

However, you’re probably unable to get things started because of a lack of information. So through this article, you can hopefully gather the necessary details you need to get this project off the ground. We’ll approach this by answering the questions that people frequently ask us. 

How Long Does It Take Before One Can Own a Cookie Plug Franchise?

Short answer: two to three months. That will include the necessary training you’ll go through at our Irvine headquarters. The process involves six simple steps: first, you’ll have to submit a franchise application. It’s our way of conducting a basic background check to see if you could be a good fit. That’ll further ensue in step two, where you’ll get a “getting to know you call” from us. Here, we try to get to know you on a more personal level, as well as your business goals and timeline. 

Step three is for you to review our franchise disclosure document. It’s a document that contains important information about our company, including an overview of our relationships with other franchise owners. This gives you an idea of how it is to work with us. 

Step four is what we refer to as “discovery day.” Here, you’ll visit our Irvine office to get to know real estate procedures as well as design and construction protocols. In this step, we will also review your business plan. 

Step five is the approval stage, where you will know whether or not you’re now a full-fledged Cookie Plug franchisee. The final step is the awarding of the franchise agreement. Welcome aboard!

How Much Does it Cost to be a Cookie Plug Franchise Owner? 

The initial start-up costs are between $94,450 to $158,300. If done right, your average revenue earnings will be around the $700,000 mark. The lowest revenue earnings of our franchisees stand at the $500K ballpark, which is still not a bad deal. 

Given the popularity of cannabis cookies and edibles, you’re guaranteed to make something significant out of this. As long as you implement the proper strategies, success won’t be difficult to attain. 

Can I Still Own a Franchise Without Marketing Experience? 

You most definitely can. Many of our franchisees have zero prior marketing experience but have turned their ventures into successful mini enterprises. With the help of our in-house marketing team, you’ll be able to have a well-developed marketing plan to increase your chances of success. We will also help boost your store’s social media presence, which only strengthens your online reputation and authority. 

Cookie Plug Franchise

Now You Can Have Your Very Own Cookie Plug Franchise

If owning a Cookie Plug franchise has been part of your plans for a while, now’s the time to get started. But if you just want to pay us a visit, you’re very much welcome to do so. We have locations in, Inland Empire, High Desert, Palm Springs, San Diego, and Los Angeles. 

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