New Ways to Enjoy Edibles in Palm Springs

You’ll find several different kinds of edibles in Palm Springs. You might come across cookies, brownies, gummies, beverages, and more. Each of these products has different flavors and potencies. But have you ever thought about pairing cannabis cookies with ice cream or milk? Here’s the inside scoop from The Cookie Plug!

Cookies and Milk

Who doesn’t love dipping cookies in milk? Most of us have fond memories of dipping our favorite cookies into a refreshingly cold glass of milk when we were kids. But have you ever tried this with THC-infused cookies? 

Try dipping our classic OG recipe into a fresh glass of milk for a nostalgic experience that gets you high! The semi-sweet chocolate chips will mix into the milk creating a chocolatey finish that can’t be beaten. Each of our cookies contains 33mg of THC, and can be easily cut into quarters to consume 10 mg servings so you’ll be perfectly high and satisfied in no time. 

Ice Cream Sandwich

We’ve all had classic ice cream sandwiches. These snacks are okay, but they usually leave you wanting more. The texture of the chocolate biscuit is usually a bit lackluster, and the ice cream lacks depth. One way to turn this classic snack up a notch is by using The Cookie Plug edibles!

Take one of our XTC THC-infused cookies and pair it with your favorite ice cream. You might want to top the cookie with ice cream or split it in half to make a sandwich. Try adding whipped cream, fruit, nuts, or other toppings if you want to get super experimental! Only use two of our cookies if your tolerance can handle it, as each of our edibles is loaded with 33mg of THC. 

Add Your Favorite Coating

You’re probably searching for new ways to spice things up if you’ve already tried THC cookies in milk or ice cream. Why not add your favorite coating to your favorite cookie flavor? 

Try coating our OG Cookie recipe in melted milk chocolate for an incredibly sweet and delicious treat. Or add caramel sauce to our Crunch Nugget Cookie for a mouthwatering snack that will get you high! 

Breakfast Cookies

You’ve definitely done your fair share of waking and baking. But have you ever gotten high in the morning using cannabis edibles? Have you ever added THC-infused cookies to your morning breakfast? 

Use one of our Pixie or Bam Bam Cookies to spice up your weekend morning. You can break these cookies up into little pieces and add them to your cereal or yogurt bowl for an intense treat that will keep you stoned. The world is your oyster when it comes to The Cookie Plug edibles!

Find The Cookie Plug Edibles in Palm Springs!

You’re sure to enjoy The Cookie Plug Edibles whether you’ve never tried one or your veteran pothead! We use all-natural ingredients, real butter, and zero preservatives to craft the perfect treat that gets you high. You can select from flavors like Purple Haze or Crunch Nugget, with each package containing 100mg of THC.

We’ve stocked stores across California in locations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, and more. Just head over to our Locations page to find a dispensary in your area that carries the best edibles on the market!

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