How to Safely Enjoy Edibles in Los Angeles

We’ve all heard horror stories about cannabis edibles. You’ve probably heard one of your buddies tell a terrifyingly transcendent edible experience during a smoke session. Luckily, it’s entirely possible to avoid and prevent bad experiences with consumable cannabis. Here’s how to safely enjoy edibles in Los Angeles!

Watch Your Dosage and Start Slow

Consuming edibles usually provide more intense effects than inhaling cannabis. The effects come on slowly and last longer. The slow onset can make you think you’re not getting high or that the dosage didn’t work properly. Stop there! Consuming more edibles than your tolerance allows is the first step to having a bad experience.

Be sure to watch your dosage, regardless of your tolerance level. A single 10mg serving of THC is enough to significantly impact your ability to drive and perform other tasks, especially if you’re a novice. Edibles can take 30 minutes to over 2.5 hours to kick. It’s best to take less than you normally would see how you feel. Remember: less is more, and you can always add on but can’t take away.

Plan Ahead

You might feel higher than you expected when you consume one of our edibles or another product. Intense sensations are completely normal, as the THC is processed differently when you ingest cannabis. Be sure to plan ahead to avoid bad experiences!

Ensure you’re consuming THC-infused edibles in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. Make travel arrangements beforehand if you’re consuming edibles away from home or at a friend’s house. You might want to block off six or more hours the day you consume and set aside time the following day just in case.

Don’t Mix Substances

Although it’s never recommended, it’s common to hear about people mixing cannabis with alcohol or other substances. Unfortunately, mixing edibles with other substances is a quick way to have a bad time. 

Alcohol can increase the intoxicating and impairing effects of THC. You might feel intense sensations of nausea, paranoia, and anxiety if you mix substances. If you’re consuming edibles, stick with only edibles. If you’re drinking alcohol, stick with only alcohol. 

Mixing cannabis with other drugs such as stimulants or depressants can also lead to unpleasant experiences and negative health complications. Be sure to stick with only one substance for the night. Doing so will prevent any harmful interactions and negative health consequences.

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