Find the Cookie Plug Edibles at Stinky Leaf Palm Springs

Finding high-quality cannabis products can be a challenge regardless of the area. It can take weeks of shopping at different dispensaries to find a location that suits your tastes, needs, and budget. Thankfully, you can find our premium edibles across dispensaries in California, including Stinky Leaf Palm Springs. Here are a few excellent spots near you.

Find Our Products at Stinky Leaf Palm Springs

The Stinky Leaf Dispensary is a larger-than-life shop with a larger-than-life selection of products! When you step into this location, you’ll notice a fantastic atmosphere, product selection, and customer service. Be sure to ask about premium cannabis-infused edibles the next time you stop by.

The Stinky Leaf Dispensary is located at 290 W San Rafael Pl, Palm Springs, CA 92262. You can head over to our locations page to see a complete list of dispensaries or visit the official Stinky Leaf website for more information.

Where Else Can I Find the Cookie Plug Edibles?

Don’t worry; the Stinky Leaf Dispensary isn’t the only location that carries our delicious cookies. You can find our products at shops across California, including the following cities:

  • High Desert
  • Inland Empire
  • Palm Springs
  • Los Angeles 
  • San Diego

Check out the official locations page for the complete list of dispensaries that carry The Cookie Plug products in California! 

Shops in Palm Springs

You’re in luck if you’re in the Palm Springs area and you’re searching for our mouth-watering cannabis edibles. There are several dispensaries that carry our products in your area, including:

  • Ikanik Farms
  • Cookies
  • Off the Charts
  • Emerald Springs
  • Reefer Madness
  • Stinky Leaf

You can step into any one of these shops to find an excellent selection of marijuana strains, concentrates, and edibles. Be sure to ask about The Cookie Plug products the next time you stop by. 

You can find a complete list of shops that carry our products on our official Locations Page! Simply click on a shop near you to find out more information, like menu options, hours, addresses, and more. 

Shops in San Diego

You may need to visit a San Diego location if you’re in between Palm Springs or nearby. Luckily, there are several shops that carry our products in the San Diego area, including:

  • Hello Cannabis
  • Grasshopper
  • Lit La Mesa
  • Off the Charts
  • Ramona Cannabis Co.
  • Coastal Wellness
  • Hillside Holistics
  • MexCal Factory

Any one of these dispensaries will provide you with excellent service and high-quality products. Head over to our official Locations Page and click on a shop near you for more information.

Find the Cookie Plug Edibles at Stinky Leaf Palm Springs

Purchase Premium Edibles Today

You’re sure to enjoy The Cookie Plug Edibles whether you’ve never tried one or you are a veteran pothead! We use all-natural ingredients, real butter, and zero preservatives to craft the perfect treat that gets you high. You can select from flavors like Purple Haze or Crunch Nugget, with each package containing 100mg of THC. We’ve stocked stores across California in locations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, and more. Just head over to our Locations page to find a dispensary in your area that carries the best edibles on the market!

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