Edible THC Cookies Unlike Anything Else

Are you looking for the tastiest cookies filled with delicious THC? Do you want edible cookies that are actually, well, edible? The truth is that there are plenty of folks who can make delicious cookies. By that same token, there are plenty of others who can put a lot of THC into their cookies, too. The problem is that, rarely, are these the same people making the same cookies. Not here at Cookies Plug Incredibles. Our THC infused cookies are, to use a phrase, out of this world. Others have edibles, we have infused cookies! 

It’s not just that we “say” our cookies are superior. Rather, it’s that we made them to be that way from the very beginning. First, we use all-natural ingredients. Always free of preservatives, these are truly, genuinely all-natural ingredients. That includes real butter too, of course. But, that’s just the start. There’s plenty more that separates our cookies from the rest. 

What Sets These Edible Cookies Apart 

Sure, they’re delicious. Yes, they have 100 of THC per container and 10mg per serving. But, take a quick look at those pics on our site (if you can keep your mouth from watering). What do you notice? If you’re like most people, you notice how big these cookies are. These aren’t those tiny, small cookies that you sometimes see offered from different dispensaries. All our cookies have real butter and no preservatives or artificial flavors. 

Check out our hand model. They can, barely, get three cookies into each hand. That’s roughly (eyeballing it here) about the size of a hockey puck. Moreover, there’s density, too. Unless you’re really, really working hard, you aren’t going to finish these in one bite. To use an analogy, these are “cookies” in the same way that a hoagie is a “sandwich.” Yes, it’s the right name, but it can also mislead in terms of sheer scope and size. These cookies are as huge as they are delicious. 

The Best Flavors 

You may have read the above section and thought: “OK, fine. You’re bragging about how delicious your cookies are on your own blogs, big deal. People have different tastes. How do you know that they’re actually delicious?” Well, it’s simple. Not only did we taste-test them ourselves, but we also made several different flavors. Specifically, we focused on flavors and ingredients that people find delicious. 

Case in point: the OG. Yes, it’s a chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate chip cookies have been around for about a century at this point and will be around for several, several centuries to come. So, when we sat down to make ours, we used the best chocolate, the best ingredients, and made the best cookie. Then, we made the THC a priority. That way, everything works in harmony to make sure they taste delicious before they get you high. 

But, we also understand that the chocolate chip cookie is not nor will ever be everyone’s jam. Thus, we made sure to create other flavors that were just as good to be able to provide something for as many folks as possible. An example of this: BamBam. 

If you’re looking at the pics on our site, your eyes do not deceive you. Those are cookies using, yes, a certain breakfast cereal that’s named after a certain cartoon character that has been around since before a strong majority of us were born. If you understand that sentence, then you know just how sugary sweet, how delectable this particular cereal can be. So, we put as much of that into a cookie (as well as much THC as possible, too). 

That’s just one example, crunch nugget (the epitome of peanut butter), purple haze (as tasty as it is visually striking), and chocolate XTC (say it out loud for effect) are just some of the other flavors. There’s something here for everyone (and there’s more than enough THC for everyone). 

THC to See Where the Day Takes You 

Of course, if you were just looking for delicious Cookie Plug cookies, there’s always your local 30+ locations throughout Southern California.You want cookies that are delicious, yes, but you also want cookies with a certain something extra as well. We put as much thought into the THC. So, we’re able to offer the very best THC cookie possible. 

Flavors include Purple Haze (Purple Velvet), OG (Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie), Crunch Nugget (Peanut Butter OG), Chocolate XTC ( Triple Chocolate), Bam Bam (Fruity Pebbles), Pixie (Confetti). 

At all times, we only used the finest ingredients. That was true at each step of the process. We never said “well, we did a fine job with the cookies, we can skimp on the THC,” or vice versa. No, we always saw that as just as important an ingredient as the rest. If you’ve made it to this part of this blog, you deserve to reward yourself with a cookie. We have just the ones in mind. You can find them here:


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