Dosage Ranges for Edibles in Los Angeles

THC-infused edibles are an intense and long-lasting method of consuming cannabis. You might have heard horror stories from people who ate too much. Consuming too many edibles isn’t going to damage your body, but you might have a bad night. Here are dosage ranges to keep in mind when eating edibles in Los Angeles to keep things fun, safe, and effective.

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Everyone will have an ideal dosage that suits their body and tolerance. The exact milligrams you should take will greatly depend on several factors, including:

  • The type of edible
  • Your tolerance
  • Your body weight
  • Your metabolism
  • The dosage

You’ll respond differently to the same type of edible compared to someone else. Your buddy might not feel the effects at all, and you could be intensely high from the same brand of edible. It’s best to start with small doses and gradually increase until you figure out your preferences.

1 to 2.5 Mg Edibles

1 to 2.5 mg edibles are best suited for first-timers or those looking to microdose. You’ll notice mild relief in pain, stress, and anxiety. In some cases, you’ll have increased concentration and cerebral effects.

5 Mg Edibles

5 mg edibles are an excellent dosage for typical recreational use, chronic symptoms, and people trying to relieve insomnia. You’ll notice greater pain and anxiety relief. You might feel euphoric. This dosage range can impair coordination and alter your perception.

10 Mg Edibles

10 mg of edibles will produce strong euphoric and cerebral effects. This dosage range will significantly impair coordination and alter your perception in most cases. 10 mg edibles are meant for cannabis consumers with a high tolerance for THC. Novice and inexperienced users should avoid this dosage, as they’ll usually experience negative effects.

Although the state of California recommends no more than 10mg of THC per serving with edibles. Some patients and customers have a higher THC tolerance or require a larger serving to better suit their pain management needs. 

20 Mg Edibles

20 mg edibles provide an intense euphoric experience as well as body high sensations. Your coordination and perception will be greatly affected as well. 20 mg edibles are suited for consumers with strong THC tolerances or patients with a reduced GI absorption.

50 to 100 Mg Edibles

50 to 100 mg of edibles can seriously impair coordination and perception. There’s a risk of unpleasant symptoms like nausea, pain, increased heart rate, and anxiety. Edibles in the 50 to 100 mg range are designed for experienced THC consumers, cancer patients, inflammatory issues, or similar conditions.

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