Cookie Plug Menu: Every Option you Can Get

Have you been looking for edible cookies around California and don’t seem to find a good option? Do you want to get cookies that are tasty but they also give you a good hit? We feel you. Even though weed products have been legal in our state for the last 5 years, pot dispensaries are still struggling to get the perfect edibles. Some of them put too much THC on them, others just can’t make their cookies tasty enough… We have baked 6 different varieties of edible cookies. Find out about our cookie plug menu in this article!

How We Make the Best THC Infused Cookies

The first thing that distinguishes our cookies from the rest is that we make them from the very beginning. We only use natural ingredients and, of course, we don’t add any preservatives. Another key when it comes to the cookies is the butter we use: only real butter.

Then we’ve got the size. It does matter. As you may have noticed on the picture from our home page, the model who holds the cookies can barely clutch three of them in a single hand. That’s how big our cookies are. And that is the amount you’ve got on every package you purchase. Each of them comes with as much as 100 MG of THC per package. That is approximately 30 mg of THC per cookie. We do advise you to be responsible when having them. The serving suggestion is a tenth of the cookie. If you are not going to share it, try at least not to have it all at the same time.

Six Different Cookie Options

It is time now to let you know our entire cookie plug menu. As you may have seen, there are six different flavors. The first of them is the OG. In case you didn’t know it, it is short for “Original Gangster” and it is a slang term that normally refers to “someone who’s incredibly exceptional, authentic or “old-school”. Pretty much the definition of our chocolate chip cookie.

Then comes the Crunch Nugget, which gets their name out of its characteristic golden brown color. You know where that color comes from? Yes, you are right, from the peanut butter it is…

Let’s keep going. As the phrase says, “you eat with your eyes first”. For that reason, we like making some of our cookies colorful. Purple haze is the color of its name, filled with white chocolate chips. Pixie is a sugar cookie topped with sprinkles and BamBam is loaded with cereal. Finally, the last cookie of our option is the triple chocolate XTC. If you want to know more about this last cookie well… you only need to say it out loud.  

Where you Can Get the Best Cookies in the Market

Now  that you are well aware about our entire cookie plug menu you will probably want to know where you can get all of those savory options. Fortunately for you, we have got you covered: the cookie plug edibles are available at more than 30 locations throughout California. Check our locations tab at the right side of our site and, after deciding your area, you will be able to press each dispensary button to find the correct address. Enough of this article, we hope you enjoy them!

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