Cookie Plug Los Angeles: A Cookie for Summer

Have you been looking for the absolute perfect food to take to the party? Are you tired of always bringing something only to find that folks there really aren’t all that interested in it? 

We absolutely understand here. Here at the Cookie Plug Airlines we can help. Specifically, we offer the very best THC cookies you’ll find anywhere. Thus, you’ll be the hit of any party, cookout, gathering, event, and so forth that you go to. 

Of course, that having been said, do not think, not for one minute, that you have to buy these cookies for someone else to enjoy them. Absolutely not. Sometimes, the best “party” is simply relaxing after a long day at work, out on the town, and so forth. These cookies make a great treat for hundreds, dozens, or even just one. We have many different flavors of cookies so that you can offer something that hits the spot every time. 

OG Goes Anywhere 

Chocolate chip cookie. Just reading the name, it’s difficult not to feel your mouth water a bit. (That’s certainly true when it comes to writing “chocolate chip cookie,” as it were.) These cookies live up to that standard. We truly do believe that “chocolate chip cookies” should have, well, plenty of “chocolate chips” in them. Thus, we do everything we can to fit as many chocolate chips in there while still having it be a cookie. 

That said, these cookies contain so much more than just chocolate chips. Like all of our other cookies, you’ll find that they have 33 mg of THC per cookie. Thus, that makes for quite a cookie experience indeed. Now, that’s “per cookie” and not “per serving.” So, we don’t really anticipate that everyone is always going to eat a whole cookie in one serving. When cut into quarters with the provided cut guide, each serving offers around 10mg of THC.

But, it certainly makes sense to eat half a cookie at the start of a party, and half later on. Or, alternatively, half with as your dessert and half as a late-night snack, etc. That’s more than understandable, a great way to dose and make the night truly your own. You’ll be doing that, of course, while having a truly top-notch chocolate chip cookie experience.

Chocolate Peanut Butter: Here for the Party 

“Crunch Nugget” cookies, in many ways, look like gold nuggets. There’s a major reason for that delectable gold coloring: peanut butter. The peanut butter in these cookies is out of this world. Peanut butter is one of those truly perfect foods. It goes with just about everything as well as being delicious in and of itself. So, we used the best peanut butter when making these cookies. 

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