Cookie Plug Flavors: “They Don’t Stay Stocked for Long”

Do you want the best THC cookies? Are you tired of eating a cookie with THC in it and not really tasting anything but the THC? We don’t believe that, when it comes to cookies with THC in them you should have to choose between “plenty of THC” and “plenty of taste.” So, at Cookie Plug, we decided to do something about it. Here, we’ve created cookies that are the right mix of taste, THC, and so much more. 

Obviously, taste is subjective. What tastes great to you is going to taste like paint to someone else, we get that. So, to get around that, we’ve made sure to offer plenty of great flavors. The more delicious flavors we have, the more folks we can help to have an incredible THC flight. By that same token, we tested them out before we ever offered them, too. That way, we were able to offer a better cookie experience. You can go look at all of the different locations our cookies are offered at, “they don’t stay stocked for long” is something we hear quite often. 

OG Forever 

Perhaps one of our best-selling cookies for a million reasons, the “OG” is exactly that. The first cookie, the original, “original gangster” if you will. Chocolate chip cookie. Really, for so many people, the phrase “chocolate chip” is synonymous with “cookie.” It may seem like chocolate chip cookies have been around for hundreds of years, but really, we’re only around 90 years or so that these cookies have been around. So, we wanted to make our twist on an old, eternal classic. 

We did that by making the best chocolate chip cookie we could, with the best ingredients. (one of those ingredients being, of course, THC.) We also made sure that our cookies were substantial, that they were “cookies,” that they were not something you could just pop in your mouth and swallow without chewing. These are big, sizable cookies, the kind of thing that you’re going to work at and eat in multiple bites. They can be savored.

Pixie Flies High 

All of that being said, we know that chocolate chip is not for everyone, nor should it be. That’s why we wanted to reach out to more folks, too. There’s nothing slight about the “Pixie” cookie. If you’re like so many folks (including plenty of us here at the Cookies Plug staff) you don’t order ice cream without the sprinkles on top. You just don’t. We brought that into the cookie. 

The “sugar cookie” may sound redundant, but we wanted to have a “sugar cookie” with the right amount of sugar (and everything else). Hence, the Pixie. This has all of the sprinkles, all of the sugar, and more. If you take a look at the picture on our site, you’ll see. We didn’t want a cookie with “a bit of color” or “a few sprinkles.” We wanted to put as much into it as possible. That comes through in the taste. 

Speaking of “we wanted to put as much in it as possible” and “that comes through in the taste,” you’ll get that with the THC from these cookies as well. We’re not saying that, by eating the Pixie cookie, you will sprout wings and fly off of your couch, perhaps to go on a mystical journey. However, with the amount of THC in these cookies, we’re also not ruling that out, either. 

XTC: Say It Out Loud 

Many chocolate cookies, cookies that are just rich, creamy, delicious chocolate, struggle with names. How many “double chocolate” cookies have you seen, or ones with names like “maximum chocolate” or something? We didn’t want to do that. With our chocolate cookie, we wanted to be honest and authentic. Instead of naming the cookie after what it was, we wanted to name it after what it did, what it makes you feel. Hence, XTC. 

Really, that’s the most accurate name of this cookie possible. The most chocolate we can put into a cookie as well as as much THC we can fit in it – that makes for a truly delectable combo. 

Cookie Plug Today, Tomorrow, and Forever 

You’ll note we wrote about 700 words about the flavors that we offer and didn’t even find room to really get into the Purple Haze, the Crunch Nugget, the BamBam, and so forth. As there isn’t room in this particular blog to get into that, we do encourage you to check those cookies out on our site. Really, the pictures will do more to get your mouth watering than any words we could write here. 

Dessert. A pick me up unlike any other. A reward for the end of a long day. There’s never a bad reason to have one of our cookies. You can find them here. 

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